What to expect when you’re expecting!



Either there wasn’t much on telly last October or there was something in the water but this month has been all about bumps! I have seen six lovely pregnant ladies all due very soon in the last week alone and I wanted to share a little about what to expect during our pregnancy sessions and perhaps give a few tips on how to get the best out of your shoot.

Firstly- don’t worry!!! Nobody is going to ask you to walk into the studio and strip to your pants and expect you to display your beautiful bump to the world ala Demi Moore. Your pregnancy session usually begins with me or Orli on the telephone (Glamorous I know) but it really is important to establish from the get go exactly what YOU want. A pregnancy session is a beautiful way to document this amazing journey into parenthood and really capture those special photographs of you and your bump that you have nurtured and grown for almost a whole year!


When I said your pregnancy session is about what you want, I meant exactly that. If you prefer your session to be taken with your bump covered then that is absolutely fine. Yep you heard it hear first- I am not going to make you show me your bump! There are so many ways to take beautiful maternity portraits without exposing your bump- think beautiful sheer chiffon fabrics that gently cascade over your tummy or beautiful silhouetted portraits that show off the lovely contours of your bump. On the flip side baring your pregnancy bump and letting us photograph it naturally is equally as beautiful and something to be proud of. Many women we speak to worry about perfectly normal pregnancy marks but I would say please don’t let this put you off. Our lighting is really soft and flattering and all of our photographs can be lightly retouched to minimise marks and scars. It is worth saying that we also work with some great Make-Up Artists and are based next door to Hair By Mitch, so don’t rule out spending a little more and having your hair and make up done before your session to make you feel even more beautiful! (Seriously they are good- like really good)



Inviting partners and siblings to a pregnancy shoot is a great idea and can produce really fun and special moments.  I recall one little boy looking up at his mummies tummy and without prompting threw his arms around her and told his unborn baby sister that he “loved her as much as the world”

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Me and Orli are extremely chatty and our clients are always telling us that we put them at ease. This is generally a good thing when you are having a sheet of chiffon wafted behind your derrière! We will guide you into natural poses and help to position you in a way that flatters your body. We have lots of fabrics and coloured backdrops to give you variety and lots of props to incorporate in your session too (if you want them) Ultimately we like to make sure that you are comfortable and we always try to ensure that pregnancy sessions are totally private too.

At your viewing appointment we will show you lots of lovely wall art and beautiful fine art style prints ready to hang or keep in a beautiful album. We can help guide and advise you in creating something beautiful for your home.

So- without further ado here is a list of tips on what to bring and do before your session!:

* Bring any baby related gifts such as booties or special presents given to your baby and things like your scan

*Bring a selection of clothing including a fitted black vest top or cropped top, mens shirt, open long cardigan, beautiful flowing dress etc

*Bring a Pretty underwear set in a dark and lighter colour (yes I know that you wouldn’t get out of that comfy cotton number for George Clooney himself but think of the photos!)

*Moisturise your skin and don’t wear anything that will leave any banding marks for at least 1 hour before your session

*Do think about getting Hair and Make Up done- as this really can boost your confidence and enhance your photographs

*Don’t be afraid! There is no body shape we haven’t seen, no insecurity we haven’t heard of. We are women too, we know EXACTLY what you are talking about!

*Do Be daring- if you don’t like something afterwards that’s fine (but I kindof promise you will!)

Cate x

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