Welcome Emily

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to introduce you all to Emily but the studio has been SO busy!!! We are delighted to welcome Emily into our Rock and Rose Family! For those who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her yet here she is! (with Dippy the duck):


Emily is fun, bubbly and a very creative photographer meaning she fits right in with us crazy ladies!

Here is a quick fire round of questions so you can get to know more about her!:

Why do you love being a photographer?

I love meeting new people, capturing moments that last a lifetime (cheesy)

What is your favourite colour?

Blue because its calming and relaxing and it’s the colour of the sea and the sky!

What are your hobbies?

Exploring new places and reading and my artwork (she paints skulls!!!)

Emily is running the great North Run for guide dogs uk for the blind and partially sighted. ( keep an eye out for her fundraising post coming soon!)

What is your favourite movie?

Can’t pick one so top 3: Guardians of the galaxy, Star Wars Empire Strikes Back, Lord of the Rings trilogy

 What are you most excited about working at Rock and Rose Photography?

 It’s a new chapter so I’m excited about developing my own signature style and being able to be creative and have fun

What are your fears?

Dropping the camera! Deep water!

(This is despite Emily’s boyfriend being a lifeguard and previously working in a swimming pool capturing family portraits!!!)

Who is bossier Cate or Orli?

The bossiest has to be Orli who keeps me on my toes (haha Orli I knew I was a soft touch!) 

Who inspires you?

 My parents because they work hard and taught me very valuable lessons about life (awww we love parents!) 

Who is your celebrity crush?

Kit Harrington (because Emily says he knows nothing)

Your stranded on a desert island for 6 months, you can take 3 things. What are they?

Film camera with lots of film

Suncream (because I burn)

A stash of chocolate (she’s a bit of an addict and this does not bode well for our studio diet) 

What have you enjoyed the most about working in the studio so far?

Meeting all the babies and shadowing newborn sessions and being creative with the Summer Window display especially the session where we got to eat pineapples!!!


I asked Emily to share some of her favourite images she has taken so far, we think they are just gorgeous too!



If you have your newborn session booked with us it’s likely you will get to meet Emily too as she is training in the art of newborn Photography with us.

She certainly has the magic touch as so many of our little studio stars have immediately warmed to her and she has been capturing some gorgeous giggles for our families. Me and Orli love how super organised she is keeping on top of things and reminding us daily of things we need to do (did we mention we are literally the most disorganised pair on the planet so thank Goodness we have her to keep us in check!)

This is how you will find Emily shooting most days (full of giggles):

So Welcome to Rock and Rose Emily! We hope you love it here and get to fulfil your goals of growing and expanding your creative flair. We’re very glad to have you shooting by our side!

Lots of Love

Cate & Orli xxx




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