Theo’s Cake Smash Adventure

So the adventure starts here with me, his Mummy, who between work and looking after my two I really haven’t got the time to make things like I used to or would like to… so I bought myself a sewing machine! Yes I’ve used one back in my college days and gone to my Gran who’s helped me sew a patch on ripped jeans (15 years ago!) but this is the first one i’ve owned!

I have bought lots of felt… I mean lots and I have bought lots of stuffing… I mean lots! Now what to do I do with it all?!

My first challenge is Theo’s Cake Smash, I have decided on a grey background with hanging clouds and a blue and white cloud themed cake one of our lovely cake makers @passionfruitbakeryuk is making






My inspiration has been from our recent cake smashes photographed on grey, this one below is our darker grey, which just looks gorgeous with our grey and white pom poms and heart bunting


and this is our lighter grey, with homemade bunting and balloons which really makes it look colourful and fun as well as really messy with the blue icing!


and here are the hanging stars we made which I just love! What would you choose? There are so many options and pinterest is a great place to find them we have just been updating our pinterest board and you can find our recent Cake Smash Photographs here!




So his outfit: What should he wear? Do I go all out with what I call fun-ness or put him in jeans and a t-shirt or a baby grow?

This is what I found on etsy, a fun outfit with hat, braces and even a bow tie! Our Jelly Cat fancied modelling it!


I’ve had the shoot pre booked in the diary for about 2 months so all that has to happen now is making sure that Theo has a good breakfast and a nap before I arrive for 10.30am, I have also been doing a bit of messy play with Theo recently to make sure he’s happy having messy hands as I really want him to enjoy smashing the cake!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for the photo’s of Theo’s Cake Smash!

To Celebrate Theo’s Birthday this month we would like to give you a free digital image when you book a Cake Smash with us, it can be pre booked for any time in the year it just has to be booked in March!theo1 For more info please visit or give us a call in the studio to discuss any ideas for your little one!

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