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This week we thought we’d let the lovely Sophie who’s been doing work experience with us do a take over of the blog and let you know a little bit about what to expect from your shoot. Take it away Sophie…!

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When you’re told to go out and look for a work placement, it’s pretty daunting to say the least. You’re expected to go and find somewhere that’s willing to take you on for just a week, get involved in a completely different environment to what you’re used to, all while trying to target an area in the business that will give you the perfect start for later on in life – yadda, yadda, yadda. Most of the people that I know have gone to spend a joyful time filing and copying documents in offices for eight hours a day or cleaning up mess made by animals at the Vet’s – which, I assure you, is not what you want to be doing two weeks after exams and one week before the holidays.

Fortunately, I was one of the lucky ones. I’ve done my week of work experience here at Rock and Rose Photography, in which I was given the opportunity to learn the basics of what happens behind the scenes, such as editing, framing and how to use a camera properly. Not only that, I’ve also seen a number of different shoots and was even able to help out in them – from trying to snap pictures of an excitable French Bulldog puppy to attempting not to wake a thirteen day-old new-born.

In my week here, I’ve had a lot of fun but I’ve also learnt a lot about photography that I probably wouldn’t have even considered beforehand – stuff like how lighting can make such a huge impact on a photo, or how different the atmosphere of the photo can become through a simple change in backdrop.

So, from my week’s experience, here are my dos and don’ts on what to bring to your photo-shoot – which are things I probably wouldn’t have realised otherwise.



Bring Personal Items – for photo-shoots with children, this is a massive ‘do’. Items that could perhaps link to the parents’ jobs or hobbies could be incorporated into the photo to make a little ‘mini-me’, and it just adds a bit of humour and fun to the photos. It can also stop the child from getting nervous or embarrassed as, instead of having to awkwardly pose in front of the camera, they can have a bit of fun and a laugh. It’ll make the photos look really natural – and really cute too.



Bring Sentimental Toys – a lot of children have a favourite toy or teddy that they just can’t be torn from. I remember mine was this redheaded rag doll with long arms and legs, and I’d take her everywhere with me. Toys like that are memorable, probably because of all the embarrassing family stories that go with them too, but it might be nice to have some photographs of your child with their favourite toy – after all, they’re usually inseparable anyway. That way, those funny memories of your child constantly dragging around that forlorn bunny or that teddy bear that’s seen better days will always be remembered, and can be brought out to embarrass your child when they get older. Overall, it just adds a bit of sentimentality and softness to the photo.



Equally, you could do the same if you’re considering having a picture of a pet. My dog used to have this Build-a-Bear rabbit that he adored – until he got a bit big and accidentally ripped it to shreds. But, it’s nice to still have the photos of his fun times with all of his favourite toys over the years and, if you’re considering having professional photos done of your pet, you could consider bringing a toy for them too.


Have Some Outfit Changes – to add some variety to your photos, you should consider bringing some outfit changes. At Rock and Rose Photography in particular, there’s a number of different backdrops that can be used – mint, red, yellow, blue black or pink – as well as an array of beautiful rugs and flooring to suit your images. So, you can be prepared to get creative, think outside the box and have some fun!

Within your hour session, you can have a number of different background changes to see which ones work best for you, your family or your child (which includes any pets!), and it also gives you more of a variety when selecting your favourite photos, and this is where outfit changes come in handy.

Outfit changes can be used to compliment the colour of the background and make the photo a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

Equally, when it comes to photographing a pet or young child, you might want to do themed photos, such as being at the beach or in the bathtub, so again, outfit changes would be a good idea so that you can run with the theme properly, like bringing hats, sunglasses, or maybe even a shower cap.



Consider Colour Schemes – you might want to consider wearing outfits that could tie in with home too. For example, if you have a theme in your living room of having blues or reds, you might want to incorporate this into your photograph so that it matches your decor by dressing in similar colours. Equally, if you have quite neutral interiors, you might want to consider brighter clothing to make the photograph stand out.


Wear logos or branding – this is something that I had no idea about before working at the studio, but it actually makes a lot of sense. If your child comes in for the shoot sporting a rather zazzy Paw Patrol t-shirt that they adore, you might not want that animal character hanging somewhere in your house or stuck in a photo album in ten- or fifteen-years’ time. After all, by that time, the hype of Paw Patrol might have died down a bit, and now you’re looking at a cartoon cat that you can’t for the life of you remember. Even if you can remember who this odd animal is, you probably won’t want it on your walls, stealing the limelight from the main focus of the photograph – your child.

Fancy Footwear – well, this is less of a forbidden, ‘do not ever do this’ but more of a ‘don’t bother’, if that makes sense. Of course, you can wear those fancy heels that you’ve been dying to show off if you want to but, more often than not, you’re probably not going to get a photo of them unless you specifically request it. That’s because, not only are most photos aimed at your upper half than your lower half – as you probably would’ve guessed – having shoes off adds to the relaxed, informal nature of the photographs at Rock and Rose Photography. It also ensures the canvas stays fresher and whiter for longer, and doesn’t need repainting as often (which is a hard job to do, as I found out!). You can bring along your fancy Jimmy Choos for a nice shot, but comfort is key and you’ve got to be relaxed for the best photos!



Over this week, I’ve had a lot of fun being at the studio, and it’s been really interesting learning about everything that goes on behind the shoot. I’m glad that I chose somewhere like here to do work experience over anywhere else, because it’s helped me to realise what kind of thing I’d like to do in the future – and it’ll definitely be something more hands-on and different, like at Rock and Rose Photography. I’m actually going to miss coming to the studio and helping out!

P.S. here’s my application for a permanent job – my very own photo-shoot with my dazzling model, Marley

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