Signing off to have a baby….ahhhhhhh!!!!

So, I really didn’t think this would come around so quickly. Oh my God i’m having a baby. I’m leaving to have a baby. Is this really happening?!? I’m soooo excited to meet her and sooooo scared too. To all of the mummies who have been into the studio giving me all your tips and advice (the lists have been endless) The flannels and straws are packed- THANK YOU! from the bottom of my heart. I have listened to your stories in awe and if I can do a job as half as good as you all I will be a very happy lady!

I had my Location Maternity photo shoot with Orli on Wednesday. I had always dreamed about having bump shots in the spring blossom, and it has felt like an absolute age for it to arrive! We had literally 10 minutes of beautiful evening light and then the heavens opened. Did this matter? Hell no!  Craig pushed Belle (luckily covered cosy in her pram) whilst Orli got soaked shooting me, whilst I dodged the bees in the blossom. Can you tell in the final images?- definitely not.



I am over the moon with them, needless to say at the moment currently feeling like a walrus 24/7 my feet and hands resemble a trolls and getting out of bed in the morning is akin to a tortoise trying to roll over after landing on it’s shell. Seeing the photographs afterwards certainly made me feel amazing, it was like an instant mood lift. I cannot recommend having bump pictures enough, though it may be the last thing on your mind right now, I know I will look back on them and adore them always.


Of course while the blossom looked so beautiful how could I not capture Belle and Orli together (especially as the two of them had put up with the weather just for me) so I managed to grab a few beautiful shots of the two of them together. This reminds me, now really is the time to book in your location session with us. The parks are alive with bluebells and blossom, spring is definitely here and I don’t want to jinx it but the warmer days seem to be creeping in!


So what is happening with the studio whilst I have my baby (Oh my God I just said it again!!!)  and Orli is still being a brilliant mum to Annabelle? Becoming parents is something that we have always dreamed about but Rock and Rose will always be our first baby and therefore we have entrusted someone responsible and lovely in equal measure to run the studio whilst we master this whole parenthood thing. Ruth has been working at Barrett and Coe Photography studio in Kingston for the past 4 years and has stacks of experience shooting families and children of all ages (She also has a licentiate from the Masters Photography Association don’t you know?) and from now on she is your go to gal for all your photography enquiries.


Orli will be returning part time to shoot our newborn sessions and from June will be back in the studio on a more regular basis. I know that since we opened you have continued to support our small business and we ask that you do this now more than ever. So tell your family and friends about your experience with us and keep sharing all of the lovely photographs we have captured for you!

So this is it, I’m signing off  *don’t get scared now* Keep me in your thoughts and i’m sure Orli will update you once we have finally got to meet our baby girl!!!

Until next time……

Cate xxx

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