Good Luck Emily!

Hello to all our wonderful followers 🙂 It’s been a while since I jumped on to write anything. There’s some big changes happening here at the studio and you’ll be seeing the results very soon!!! I’m here tonight though to wish a fond farewell to our lovely Emily who is off to start a new job whilst she trains in Art Psychotherapy. Emily has been absolutely wonderful here at the studio she has kept Orli and I in check and kept things super organised. The children absolutely love her, my own daughter included. Actually i’m not sure how to break it to her that Emily is leaving as I think she will be devastated!!! We’ve all gone on quite an adventure together over the past year, full of ups and downs and we will miss her dearly. She has created some absolutely stunning artwork for our customers and I know many of you have some gorgeous pieces up on your walls

Here are some of the things that make us think about Emily!

The Giant Moon:  The time at Christmas that Emily and I attempted to construct a giant crescent moon and what a disaster it nearly was! Running out of spray paint and spraying the cove and Orli not being happy about the mess that was left and the spray that made it on every bit of our fresh white cove !

Her pet Cat: Ziggy and the scratches/mauling/bruises she would often be sporting. Her cat is vicious!!!

Daily News and Love Island discussions: Every Lunch break we would have a little update on the goings on in the world and of course recently have to discuss every moment of Love Island!!!

Bringing in Goodies: Emily knows how to keep us girls happy!!! And that means bringing in many, many delicious sweet treats to share!!!

Tea! Never in all my life have we gone through as much milk as we have since Emily started with us!!!

Crafting: Emily has made some gorgeous props for us including our gorgeous Floral Hoops for our shoots and window display.

Here’s a few pressing questions I asked Emily before she leaves us!

Have you enjoyed working at R&R?

Absolutely! I’ve learnt a lot and i’ve also come out of my shell too thanks to working alongside Cate and Orli – two big personalities!!!

What has been your highlight of working at Rock and Rose?

Meeting all the lovely families, I particularly want to say thank you to Courtney who was my very first maternity test shoot. I also got to photograph her beautiful daughter Leah for her Christmas shoot.

Which type of shoots would you say were your favourite?

Definitely Sitters,  6-10 months is my favourite age to photograph and just being able to be a little bit more creative in a fine art style also using all the gorgeous studio props!

Off the top of your head, is there a shoot that you have been really proud of?

I’ve enjoyed all of my shoots, so I couldn’t possibly choose one!

What was your favourite moment working with us? 

So many great moments, my ultimate favourite is getting to ‘glammed up’ for the 2018 Kingston Business awards

What was your funniest moment in the studio!?

I remember trying to help get Frank the Pug to sit like he was riding a bicycle for his Christmas shot! We were in stitches for ages!!! (Poor Frank)

Who is the Rock and who is the Rose?

Orli is the Rock because she is inspirational and strong! Cate is the Rose because she is hilarious and softer… I can get away with more!!!

What will you not miss?

Painting the cove every 2 weeks and getting covered in paint! And buying lots of jeans!!!

Parting words: 

We have Charlotte who is joining us to take your place, what would you like to say to her?

If possible wear kneepads!!! Remember to write things down for Orli and Cate and remind them CONSTANTLY. Chocolate keeps them both happy!

Where are your adventures taking you next?

Doing a little exploring with my own photography but mainly concentrating on my training for Art Psychotherapy

Is there anything else you would like to add?

A massive thank you to Orli and Cate for hiring me and to all of my lovely customers who’ve made me smile during my time here.


Good Luck Emily! We’re going to miss you!!! Lots of Love Cate & Orli xxx


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