Father’s Day!




We don’t give dads enough credit do we? I love Father’s Day as it gives me a chance to spoil my dad, who is probably one of the most selfless people I know. Of course we shouldn’t need a day to spoil the dads in our life but somehow between trying to hold it all together ourselves, time just slips away. We don’t get to make that phone call, that visit or even have a meal together, we grow older and change and we don’t say thank you enough. I bet if I asked you when the last time you all were in a photograph together it would be over a year or more ago.

What about our husbands and partners too? Some are the absolute rocks we come to lean on through all that life will throw at us and yes some may be idle and lazy when it comes to looking after the little ones, but just seeing that beaming smile as daddy walks in the door makes you realise the impact father’s have on our children. After I gave birth to Florence I was marooned to a sofa for nearly 5 weeks. For two of those weeks I was lucky to have her daddy with me. This generally meant the house remained tidy, I ATE three meals a day and I could sleep whilst he looked after Florence. The day he went back to work I got up and my house was like World War Three. Even the cat had decided to spectacularly vomit all over the hallway floor and all of a sudden I was alone. It was only then that I could truly appreciate everything he had done for us. Florence’s relationship with her Papa (As she likes to call him) has blossomed, you can see he is her hero. Countless times I hear their giggles echo through our home and I feel so utterly happy.


Anyway I digress- My point is don’t wait to show your love and your thanks. Just being together and making those family memories is SO important. You do not know where life will take you tomorrow so live for today. Family photography is so important in keeping these memories safe so get everyone together and make an appointment with us. We have been photographing your families in Surbiton and all around for the past 5 years here at our studio and I want to see even more of you getting organised and updating your family albums- no excuses!!!



We can make up personalised vouchers for gifts that can be given at any special occasion and of course we have launched our latest Father’s Day Offer which can either be given as a voucher, or pre booked as a surprise. Why not present him with a photograph of his children which is all framed up ready to proudly display on his desk at work? Lastly as promised to celebrate our dads I have promised One lucky winner a Fathers Day Session and Framed photograph. All you have to do is leave a comment below about why the Dad’s in your life are so special and we will draw one lucky winner at Random on Saturday 27th May.

Good Luck!


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