Bon Voyage Ruth!

Good Evening to all our beautiful followers. So we have some changes happening at the studio! Our lovely Ruth who has been with us for just over 2 years is now leaving us to venture off to something new!

Today I was sitting at my desk editing a gorgeous Newborn named Noah while listening to Ruth perfect the way a dress is flowing on her customer who is in the studio for her maternity session. Those of you lucky enough to have had portraits taken by Ruth know how much she puts into every shoot she takes. We really can’t put into words how much we will miss her. When Cate and I had our babies there was always this deep set fear at the back of our minds, how can we keep our very first baby going? Who can we entrust this huge feat to? When we interviewed Ruth it was like everything fell into place, all of those worries were allayed and we had not only an extremely talented photographer on board but a truly lovely human being too!

Maternity shoots has been a speciality of Ruth’s, she has been extremely passionate about creating those beautiful natural maternal photographs and when we gave her a project of capturing images for our advertising campaign Ruth created beautiful images we were all too happy to show off. Ruth holds a licentiate with the Master Photographers association so she is absolutely gifted with her eye for detail, light and composition. So many images have taken our breath away. Ruth being young and adventurous has taught us even more with our own equipment in the studio! So as a little bit of fun and as a leaving farewell we are dedicating this blog to you Ruth! Let us begin with some of the things we will miss and some of the things that have surprised us about Ruth…..

The Spotty top: Ruth is renowned for her spotty top (pictured above) that we probably see about 2-3 times a week!

Her pet snake: Ruth has owned a snake since she saved up enough pocket money to convince her Mum she was that dedicated about owning one at 9 years old! She is also a ‘Cat’ person but she has been amazing with these French Bulldogs Ziggy and Frank who even have their own instagram account each!… check them out over on Insta @ziggy_stardog1 and @frenchie_frankthetank

The Eclectic Playlists: Dolly Parton to Vera Lynn, anything goes. I know Cate will miss this in particular….i’m glad i’m not in on those days!

The Conspiracy Theories: Cate has told me that one of her favourite things to talk about with Ruth is conspiracy theories!!! She says there are just too many to mention. Now I understand why some work doesn’t get done!

Hypothetical questions: If you could live your life again, and you could do any job in the world what would it be? Cate says these chats can last all day (Ruth would be an astronaut) Again… now I know why Cate gets no work done!!!

The Honest Opinions:  I will ask Ruth for an opinion whilst editing and with a big squint she’ll say “that one” I will repeat: “are you sure Ruth?” before she’d admit:  “No, I haven’t got my glasses on so I can’t see”! I will miss those laughs!

The Crafting: Ruth…we need clouds…..Ruth….we need a fabric hot air balloon…..Ruth….can you make frog and chicken from Hey Duggee!?… I am sure this is one thing Ruth won’t miss too much!!!



Nicky-24 Frank-19


Interview time! So here are some questions I asked Ruth today:

Have you enjoyed working at R&R?

Yes, with all the lovely customers and fun with babies (and obvs with us)

What has been your highlight of working at Rock and Rose?

What a hard question! I have loved watching some of my customers families as they have grown

Which type of shoots would you say were your favourite?

Maternity photography is definitely my favourite. It’s such a personal and unique shoot for each person and I love capturing the beauty of bumps. Big family groups and three generations shoots are always fun, I like the Grandads that crack a good joke and the Grandmas in their glamorous glad rags!

Off the top of your head, is there a shoot that you have been really proud of?

Domi’s maternity shoot, it was a surprise booked by her husband and she thought it would be cheesy and awkward, but she absolutely loved her experience and cried whilst looking through her photographs. I was so proud of the photos and the way they made her feel about herself.




Who is the Rock and who is the Rose?

Well I guess you’re Rock – Hard as nails

You might just be right!

Why is Cate, the Rose then?

Delicate, a bit softer

Thanks Ruth!

How has it been working with us?

Fun and occasionally challenging. It’s like I am the external hard drive for your brains, because you both forget things and I have to prepare myself to remember and keep you both up to date with everything

What will you not miss?

Having to replace my trousers very few months because I’ve been sliding around on the floor too much! I also won’t miss how hot it can get in the studio during summer

Is there a certain family you will miss?

Lucinda (Mummy) and Harriet-Rose

I have photographed Harriet-Rose around 3 or 4 times over the past year and Harriet-Rose is so funny and such a character! She’s always a pleasure to photograph and we have a good giggle, you never know what she’s going to say next. She’s going to be a big sister soon and it’s so lovely that their family is expanding.

Sophie (Mummy), Grace 3 years, Alice 1 year

I’ve watched Grace grow from 3 months old as I was photographing her in the previous studio I worked for and now she’s 3 years old! Grace is definitely a little diva and it’s so nice to see her acting as big sister to Alice, who is equally as strong willed and gorgeous as her big sister. They both have huge beautiful eyes that you just can’t forget.














We have Emily who is joining us to take your place, what would you like to say to her?

Good Luck and have fun! Here are a couple of secret tips for working with Cate and Orli: Christmas tunes and Deliveroo will always keep Cate happy, iced coffee and John Mayer is the way to keep Orli sweet.

Also, remember to buy milk and turn the heaters off when you leave for the day.

Where are your adventures taking you next?

I’m excited to go on some adventures travelling and seeing where my photography career takes me next

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you to all my lovely customers and for choosing Rock and Rose Photography. Thank You for trusting me to capture your special moments.






Bon Voyage Ruth,

We both wish you all the best on your new adventures and we want to say a massive Thank You for all your help, input and passion in the studio over the past 2 years AND for covering 3 Maternity leaves! And most of all for putting up with us, our forgetful, sometimes erratic, mostly stuck in our ways nutty crazy selves

Best Wishes

Orli and Cate

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