So, I really didn’t think this would come around so quickly. Oh my God i’m having a baby. I’m leaving to have a baby. Is this really happening?!? I’m soooo excited to meet her and sooooo scared too. To all of the mummies who have been into the studio giving me all your tips and advice (the lists have been endless) The flannels and straws are packed- THANK YOU! from the bottom of my heart. I have listened to your stories in awe and if I can do a job as half as good as you all I will be a very happy lady!

I had my Location Maternity photo shoot with Orli on Wednesday. I had always dreamed about having bump shots in the spring blossom, and it has felt like an absolute age for it to arrive! We had literally 10 minutes of beautiful evening light and then the heavens opened. Did this matter? Hell no!  Craig pushed Belle (luckily covered cosy in her pram) whilst Orli got soaked shooting me, whilst I dodged the bees in the blossom. Can you tell in the final images?- definitely not.



I am over the moon with them, needless to say at the moment currently feeling like a walrus 24/7 my feet and hands resemble a trolls and getting out of bed in the morning is akin to a tortoise trying to roll over after landing on it’s shell. Seeing the photographs afterwards certainly made me feel amazing, it was like an instant mood lift. I cannot recommend having bump pictures enough, though it may be the last thing on your mind right now, I know I will look back on them and adore them always.


Of course while the blossom looked so beautiful how could I not capture Belle and Orli together (especially as the two of them had put up with the weather just for me) so I managed to grab a few beautiful shots of the two of them together. This reminds me, now really is the time to book in your location session with us. The parks are alive with bluebells and blossom, spring is definitely here and I don’t want to jinx it but the warmer days seem to be creeping in!


So what is happening with the studio whilst I have my baby (Oh my God I just said it again!!!)  and Orli is still being a brilliant mum to Annabelle? Becoming parents is something that we have always dreamed about but Rock and Rose will always be our first baby and therefore we have entrusted someone responsible and lovely in equal measure to run the studio whilst we master this whole parenthood thing. Ruth has been working at Barrett and Coe Photography studio in Kingston for the past 4 years and has stacks of experience shooting families and children of all ages (She also has a licentiate from the Masters Photography Association don’t you know?) and from now on she is your go to gal for all your photography enquiries.


Orli will be returning part time to shoot our newborn sessions and from June will be back in the studio on a more regular basis. I know that since we opened you have continued to support our small business and we ask that you do this now more than ever. So tell your family and friends about your experience with us and keep sharing all of the lovely photographs we have captured for you!

So this is it, I’m signing off  *don’t get scared now* Keep me in your thoughts and i’m sure Orli will update you once we have finally got to meet our baby girl!!!

Until next time……

Cate xxx

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So this week brought me the pleasure of meeting Stacey Richard, founder of local (lifesaving) business Surbiton Sitters and her rather beautiful daughter Maxine. It’s lovely to meet local mums in business so I thought I would take a few minutes out to find out more about her and her company Surbiton Sitters who provide ‘dependable short term childcare for your little ones in Surbiton, the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames and across South West London’




Stacey set up Surbiton Sitters after years of helping family and friends to support and look after their little ones to which she confesses was mostly spent just “having fun with the children!” When her daughter Maxine was born she said it “changed everything” Stacey wanted to stay at home with her and she often found herself called upon to help look after friends little ones in need of flexible care.

“the business just started out with me helping one friend and then another friend and then a friend of a friend and then a friend told another friend and so the business grew”





Stacey works around the clock, 365 days a year so she can be there as emergency support to a family that may need her services. ” I worked on Christmas eve, when a little baby was born and I stayed at the family home looking after the couple’s other children” This pregnancy service can be an absolute lifesaver to those whose families live far away or who may not have any friends that are able to step in at any moment. Whether it’s for a few hours or for a few days Stacey aims to help support families by providing flexible childcare. It may be as simple as a few hours crossover between catching that last train home from work, or a last minute appointment that can’t be rescheduled.

Maxine had lots of fun in the studio, hopping around with her bunny and popping bubbles. It was lovely to watch Stacey with her as you can see how much passion and energy is put into play. When I asked Stacey to tell me what kinds of activities she does with the children in her care she told me enthusiastically:

‘I love arts and crafts, finger painting, sticking and gluing buttons and beads, going outside to the park, to swimming classes and dance classes, feeding the ducks and just to play…that’s the main part of my job to play!”


Stacey currently covers most of our local area including Surbiton, Kingston, Berrylands, Long Ditton, Thames Ditton, Claygate and Esher and many more as well as further into South West London.  Such is the success and demand for her help she now has 10 other mummies working with her including previous “childminders, nannies and nursery staff” who are all working around their own family lives to provide support for other mums and families in need. Stacey is CRB checked, First Aid trained and fully insured and she tells us she has a “huge collection of travel cots and car seats too!”

“Theres nothing fancy or formal, i’m just a mum helping other mums”

If you’d like to find out more about Surbiton Sitters please take a look at Stacey’s website:

Cate xxx

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So I received a text on Christmas Eve from Orli saying her obstetrician had bet her £1 she would be in labour by Christmas day.  I was just finishing a very big plate of Christmas dinner when my phone buzzed and I realised it was Orli’s mum letting me know it would be “tonight or tomorrow” I suddenly felt a rush of panic. I have no idea why, maybe partly because we’d talked for so long about the actual birth and here it was actually happening. I dreamed of Orli all night Christmas night, I dreamt we were at a wedding and her waters broke and I had to get her to the hospital. I think part of me also suddenly thought this will be me in 4 months time.

At around 11am boxing day morning my phone buzzed again and there she was, beaming up at me,  such a beautiful baby, absolutely perfect, masses of brown hair and her name, Annabelle Grace born on Boxing day at 00.26 am weighing 7lbs 0.6oz. Orli was doing well and her and Rob were absolutely over the moon. Now I did realise that despite arriving bang on her due date, we had planned for a bit of a rest over Christmas (at least I was) and Annabelles prompt arrival meant that I would be back in the studio sooner than I had planned! (Annabelle if you are reading this in a few years time- I of course forgive you and pretty much couldn’t wait for a cuddle anyway plus this didn’t really feel like ‘work’ to me)

So here she is- Our first addition to the Rock and Rose Family- Annabelle Grace

Website1She doesn’t stop smiling by the way- a very contented baby! I must admit Annabelle has been the first newborn I felt nervous about photographing. After all Orli knows what she likes and i’m not gonna lie I felt the pressure! I managed to shoot the first few shots and a few in-between but Orli couldn’t resist shooting some images herself. So for a lot of our session I took on the role of spotter, shusher and positioner. Orli took a few shots of me positioning and gently shushing Annabelle to sleep which you can see below.




So during any of our full newborn sessions there is always time for a chat! (In between feeds and Nappy changes) I had to ask Orli about her experience. So I gather she spent all of Christmas day in Labour and all she could manage was half an Orange Kit Kat. Apparently her mum bought in a Roast for Rob and she tells me he ate it in front of her. (He even complained there were no pigs in blankets as he’d been given figs in blankets- though in the end he thought they were nice) As you can imagine I don’t think Orli was too amused. She tells me at least she wasn’t in too much pain at that point (lucky you Rob) but it didn’t last long. I asked her to sum up the whole thing for me and she said this:

“Annabelle is so special, I feel like i’m the only person who’s had such a miracle happen,

really weird when it’s the most natural thing in the World, but to me she’s a miracle.

The love you feel straight away is phenomenal.

Rob is besotted and at first he just sat there watching her in her crib like all of us.

Of course, she came out as the perfect model for her Rock and Rose Mums, well mum and Aunty”



It has been such a joy to take Annabelles first photographs and to have her here in the studio. When Orli first walked in and I saw her tiny and bundled up in her car seat I cried like a child. I feel like I journeyed Orli’s pregnancy with her, from all the things I am going through now to seeing her baby in real life is just beyond incredible. And how did time fly!!!  I will share a few more images from the session before we do a full sneak peek.

Orli and Rob, I know you will be amazing parents, I can see it in every cuddle and every word you speak to her. I can see it in your eyes.

I will leave you with a quote that pretty much says it all- Cate x

“Before you were born I carried you under my heart.

From the moment you arrived in this world until the moment I leave it,

I will always carry you in my heart.”

 Mandy Harrison

Family-web-1website-5 copyWebsite4website-6Website3

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With the year winding down, Christmas presents bought and nestled under the tree, I thought I would write a quick update for everyone on our amazing journeys. I am writing from a very lonely office as Orli has flown the nest to prepare for the imminent arrival of her beautiful baby girl. It has been strange without her here, definitely quieter (hehe)  and I would like to thank all of our fantastic customers for being so flexible and understanding while we have been a photographer down.

Orli wanted to capture her Bump outside and two weeks ago we enjoyed a beautiful crisp winter walk in Bushy Park where I captured some beautiful pregnancy photographs for her. I think you will all agree she looks glowing.

12314299_10153208933581560_3780948055991458183_oI promise to keep you all posted as soon as Rock and Rose have a new addition:) I’m so excited!!!!

12322485_10153208933866560_7079677218643796808_oAs for me, where do I begin. The past 20 weeks have flown by. Yesterday I had the huge pleasure of seeing my baby again at my 20 week scan. I got to find out what we are having but my lips are sealed until Christmas day when we tell our families. I do promise to share the news with all of you too! It has everyone guessing!


 I filmed my baby kicking to some Christmas music this morning and feeling the first kicks and movement have been magical.  Shooting whilst pregnant is becoming a challenge but one that I enjoy! (apologies for being extra out of breath lately) My belly finally looks like I am growing a human rather than having over indulged on Holiday treats! So far pregnancy has been brilliant for me (excluding the period at the beginning where the mere thought of meat would make me want to puke) and fingers crossed it may continue! I have been documenting my pregnancy from 12 weeks so I will share one of those images with you, It is strange to be the other side of the camera but I have to say it’s a fantastic memory I know I will cherish, so those who are debating whether or not to have that pregnancy shoot I urge you to try it! I promise you won’t regret it.


Rock and Rose turned 4 this November and it has been a huge roller-coaster. With myself and Orli being pregnant it was a natural progression for us to grow as a company and in the New year we will be introducing a brand new bubbly photographer. Training shoots will be taking place in January so if you or anyone you know would like to help, and enjoy a complimentary session please do get in touch on: We will be looking for lots of different kinds of sessions from pregnancy to family and lots of ages in between.

Lastly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. It really is a dream to be able to come into the studio every day and do something we love so much and to still be able to start a family and know that you are all still supporting us every step of the way. I look forward to capturing lots of amazing moments again next year and also sharing with you some of our own. I urge everybody to hug their families extra tight this Christmas and enjoy every moment together, take lots of photographs and please have a very large glass of wine for me! Orli- i’m thinking of you! Tell that baby to be a little late so we can shoot after Christmas! 😉 x

Have a Very Merry Christmas

Cate -signing off for 2015! x

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As Cate mentioned in her last blog we certainly don’t do things by the halves! Cate and I both just got married to our long term partners all in the same year, to be precise 2 months apart!


Yes that’s right a DOUBLE PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT!!! We are both Expecting!

We set up Rock and Rose Photography 4 years ago wishing for our very own business to see us through finding our own homes, getting married and having babies… So here we are 4 years later on our way to complete our families! Rob and I were delighted when we found out I was pregnant even though we were half way through planning our Wedding in Crete. Cate and Craig were very good and waited until the first day of their honeymoon… need I say more!

This will be the most amazing time for us both and how lovely that we get to do it together like everything else in our lives! Plus our two little ones get to mess up our studio together!

We love to capture all those loving moments of a new arrival, the children that laugh and giggle and jump around our studio and the lovely Mummies and Daddies that cuddle up for a family photograph, now in the near future we can share our children with you and we are looking forward to it!

Rock and Rose Photography will have a new member join our team and we will keep sharing all the fun that goes on in the studio.

With Christmas on the way we have some amazing offers on in the studio. We hope you have a lovely Christmas day with your family, I on the other hand may be in the hospital screaming as I am due on Boxing Day! Good Luck Me!

Baby Cate is due early May just so that I can set up a beach scene again in the studio!

We will keep you updated and please feel free to comment below.

Lots of Love from Orli (& Cate) xxx

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    Lauren Dudley - Amazing! This is so adorable, congratulations to both of you. Have a feeling there’s gonna be some beautiful photos heading our way! xReplyCancel