We’re Back!

Hello Friends, us girls are safely back in our Rock and Rose Studio! Hooray!  We are both doing everything possible to get back up and running and maintain our lovely Surbiton High Street. We are working together to adapt the studio and make it work safely for everyone through this new situation that we find ourselves in until we reach some normality again.

It’s been a tough few months wouldn’t you say!?

Cate and I found it extremely daunting closing our doors in March, there were many tears and the sheer worry of what would be left for us at the end of this crisis. (Covid-19 to be precise!) It was the not knowing what financial situation the studio would be in after this and whether we could pull through, but with a little magic dust from the government we had some help for our small independent business and we have just about survived. NOW with a little help from YOU we plan to open our doors again next week.

202007067922584670418634745What are we up to in the studio?

We are prepping the studio in line with the new Covid safety guidelines and making sure all risk assessments are completed to ensure our studio is fully compliant.

We are now open by appointment only- you may notice our new sign on the door from tomorrow. We are asking you to please knock for any assistance and wait outside or get in touch through our social media pages if the studio seems busy. We would love to see you but where possible please let us know if you plan on visiting us.


We have social distancing measures in place and a new rule of only one family in the studio at any one time. We will still be our usual bubbly, friendly selves – our aim is for you to have the most enjoyable experience in the studio to capture some amazing photographs.  

Sessions may seem a little different and we will be relying on you to follow our posing guidance with us maintaining a social distance. We have plenty of creative ideas to make your session with us enjoyable and fun from a suitable distance… plus as you can see we get to model our new face masks! My mask is by the lovely Suzie at MonkeyPupSews

How can I help?

So this is where you come in, our local clients, Suburbitons, Londoners, our customers from France, Paris, Italy, Australia and New Zealand, the only way we can succeed is having you walk through our pretty pink door again! We have committed our lives to photographing people, families, pets, couples and most of all children and we would love the opportunity to continue. Family is more important than ever and we want to open our doors again to be here to capture your memories, your family life and your baby’s milestones.

This is our passion, our love and now our new beginning like many other small businesses to start again.

Can I book a session with you?

Yes! We will be opening limited slots so please keep an eye on our social media pages. You can contact us through the tab above here on our website, give us a call or send a facebook message. During this time of uncertainty we will be asking that sessions now booked in the studio are prepaid to ensure studio time is used efficiently and that we can reserve slots exclusively for those customers who are investing in us. This ensures that for the limited days we are reopening per week, until we can resume normality, that time in the studio is not wasted and everybody is able to access a slot.

Whilst the weather is on our side why not consider a location session? We are looking into scenic places for our location sessions and will be releasing some dates for photographs in the lavender fields so watch this space!

FB_IMG_1594068879374 IMG_20200420_000800_109 IMG_20200420_153159_545

Above is my daughter Annabelle amongst the bluebells with a giant balloon and below are photos of Cate’s daughter Florence on photoshoots taken during the lockdown.

FB_IMG_1594068413764 IMG-20200706-WA0017 IMG-20200706-WA0018

When you get these opportunities as a photographer you just can’t resist using your own child! If you have an idea for a location session do give us a shout!

Can I book a Maternity or Newborn session? 

Pregnant women are considered to be a vulnerable group and should be particularly stringent in following social distancing measures. Whilst we will do everything possible to maintain a safe social distance during your session anyone wishing to attend a maternity session would need to discuss procedures before coming in.

We are carefully following health and Safety guidelines to enable us to resume shooting newborns safely. We are happy to offer sessions where parents can handle baby and we can help guide and position. We can also now start to take bookings in advance for the coming months with the hope that we are able to resume full and normal hands on shooting.

Send us a message of when you are due and we will get in touch with all the relevant info.

To our existing customers

If you had a session with us before lockdown and are awaiting products, frames and photographs, we ensure you are at the top of our list and we hope to get everyone’s orders dealt with asap, thank you for your understanding, patience and kind messages through this time. We have tried to contact everyone but if you haven’t heard from us in a while please give us a little facebook message and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

So, what have we been up to during lockdown?

IMG-20200706-WA0015I won’t go in to the lows and the emotional rollercoaster that both Cate and I have been through during lockdown but I will talk about the positives and show you a few pictures of our family life and the arts and crafts that we have been up to!

It was certainly a new way of life to adapt to and having our children and loved ones by our side certainly helped us during lockdown. We were both fortunate enough to have loved ones that helped us through the lows and were there to show us there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Being a Mum is top of the list for both of us and making sure our babies were loved, safe and happy throughout this time was our number one priority.


Florence celebrated turning 4, enjoyed riding her new bike, had an art lesson with her Mum and had a beautiful photo session amongst bluebells!



IMG-20200706-WA0021   FB_IMG_1594068426241


Annabelle and Theo have been busy gardening, sowing seeds and planting veggies and herbs. We dried flowers from the garden and decorated a frame. I bribed them with lots of chocolate for a photoshoot in the garden and they have been feeding and caring for their guinea pigs! I got back in to crocheting and Theo turned 3 early in the lockdown!

FB_IMG_1594069076460 FB_IMG_1594079154248 FB_IMG_1594079168162

IMG_20200414_181121_966 IMG_20200416_225459_897 IMG_20200612_145828_091

FB_IMG_1594079201894 IMG_20200627_140858_749 IMG_20200706_220206_887

Both Cate and I complied with the social distancing rules religiously and the hardest thing for both of us was not seeing our parents, family and friends.

My two enjoyed story time over FaceTime with both sets of grandparents and shared kisses over a screen!

Screenshot_20200706-225456_Instagram IMG_20200424_194811_149

and this photo by Cate totally left a lump in my throat when I saw it.


Both myself and Cate would like to thank everyone for your patience, particularly those who have existing orders with us or those who have enquired over the last few weeks. We are slowly catching up with everyone and really thank you so much for being so understanding during this time. With everyones help we hope to continue capturing all of your special memories for years to come.

I hope to see all your smiles in the studio soon.
Orli xx
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Hello to all our wonderful followers:)It’s been a while since I jumped on to write anything. There’s some big changes happening here at the studio and you’ll be seeing the results very soon!!! I’m here tonight though to wish a fond farewell to our lovely Emily who is off to start a new job whilst she trains in Art Psychotherapy. Emily has been absolutely wonderful here at the studio she has kept Orli and I in check and kept things super organised. The children absolutely love her, my own daughter included. Actually i’m not sure how to break it to her that Emily is leaving as I think she will be devastated!!! We’ve all gone on quite an adventure together over the past year, full of ups and downs and we will miss her dearly. She has created some absolutely stunning artwork for our customers and I know many of you have some gorgeous pieces up on your walls

Here are some of the things that make us think about Emily!

The Giant Moon:  The time at Christmas that Emily and I attempted to construct a giant crescent moon and what a disaster it nearly was! Running out of spray paint and spraying the cove and Orli not being happy about the mess that was left and the spray that made it on every bit of our fresh white cove !

Her pet Cat: Ziggy and the scratches/mauling/bruises she would often be sporting. Her cat is vicious!!!

Daily News and Love Island discussions: Every Lunch break we would have a little update on the goings on in the world and of course recently have to discuss every moment of Love Island!!!

Bringing in Goodies: Emily knows how to keep us girls happy!!! And that means bringing in many, many delicious sweet treats to share!!!

Tea! Never in all my life have we gone through as much milk as we have since Emily started with us!!!

Crafting: Emily has made some gorgeous props for us including our gorgeous Floral Hoops for our shoots and window display.

Here’s a few pressing questions I asked Emily before she leaves us!

Have you enjoyed working at R&R?

Absolutely! I’ve learnt a lot and i’ve also come out of my shell too thanks to working alongside Cate and Orli – two big personalities!!!

What has been your highlight of working at Rock and Rose?

Meeting all the lovely families, I particularly want to say thank you to Courtney who was my very first maternity test shoot. I also got to photograph her beautiful daughter Leah for her Christmas shoot.

Which type of shoots would you say were your favourite?

Definitely Sitters,  6-10 months is my favourite age to photograph and just being able to be a little bit more creative in a fine art style also using all the gorgeous studio props!

Off the top of your head, is there a shoot that you have been really proud of?

I’ve enjoyed all of my shoots, so I couldn’t possibly choose one!

What was your favourite moment working with us? 

So many great moments, my ultimate favourite is getting to ‘glammed up’ for the 2018 Kingston Business awards

What was your funniest moment in the studio!?

I remember trying to help get Frank the Pug to sit like he was riding a bicycle for his Christmas shot! We were in stitches for ages!!! (Poor Frank)

Who is the Rock and who is the Rose?

Orli is the Rock because she is inspirational and strong! Cate is the Rose because she is hilarious and softer… I can get away with more!!!

What will you not miss?

Painting the cove every 2 weeks and getting covered in paint! And buying lots of jeans!!!

Parting words: 

We have Charlotte who is joining us to take your place, what would you like to say to her?

If possible wear kneepads!!! Remember to write things down for Orli and Cate and remind them CONSTANTLY. Chocolate keeps them both happy!

Where are your adventures taking you next?

Doing a little exploring with my own photography but mainly concentrating on my training for Art Psychotherapy

Is there anything else you would like to add?

A massive thank you to Orli and Cate for hiring me and to all of my lovely customers who’ve made me smile during my time here.


Good Luck Emily! We’re going to miss you!!! Lots of Love Cate & Orli xxx


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It’s that special day again…time to celebrate our favourite hero, Dad!  Let’s spoil him rotten!

Here’s our Dad proof suggestion for this Sunday,

Father’s Day Ideas:
No.5. The New Men in Black film in the cinema
No.4. Bottle of Bombay Sapphire
No.3. Day out at Longleat Zoo
No.2. A Weekend Away
AND AT NUMBER 1…A fun family session at Rock and Rose Photography to capture all those beautiful memories to display in your home x

Book Now or create a personalised Gift Voucher to put in his Card 0208 390 5558

Love, Emily. Orli and Cate xxx

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As special thanks to Mums everywhere, we are celebrating Mother’s Day with a special £25 photography session offer and your selected favourite as a complimentary digital.

Come into our lovely studio, get cosy and have some fun photographs done! Capture magical moments which you’ll cherish with family for years to come. You’re welcome to bring along personal items to your photoshoot to make it extra special.

Limited time left! Offer ends Monday 1st April 2019

Personalised Gift vouchers available!

Give us a call now  0208 390 5558

Love the Rock & Rose Team xxx

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This month I thought it would be great to spread the love! I’ve put together a guide to some of the fabulous businesses Surbiton has to offer, perfect for Valentines Day!

First off…. Surbiton Sitters – Stacey and her lovely team offer amazing sitting services for every occasion. Even in last minute and emergency situations, Surbiton Sitters have you covered! So, why not plan a night out and give yourselves a break! You deserve it. {https://www.surbiton-sitters.co.uk}

The French Table is fabulous if you are looking for romance! I can’t recommend The French Table enough, it has an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere, located on Maple Road in Surbiton. It’s not a surprise the restaurant has been awarded a Michelin Plate for its outstanding contemporary French food! Don’t get me started on the ‘to-die-for-desserts’ {https://www.thefrenchtable.co.uk/ } Remember to book quickly to avoid disappointment.

Fancy a drop of Wine and Mediterranean Flavours?  Ex-Cellar can be found on Brighton Road in Surbiton. A warm ambiance and a ‘French Style Epicerie’ wine bar. Housing plenty of space and up to 50 different varieties of wine to try (that will make you merry!) they also sell cheese, charcuterie, pies, olives and much more. It’s also a fabulous place just to catch up for a coffee and heart to heart with friends {http://www.excellar.co.uk/surbiton}

Langleys Restaurant & Wine Bar on Ewell Road in Surbiton is a great night out with friends, A brasserie style restaurant & wine bar who serve the local community with locally sourced ingredients. Serving freshly prepared food in a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere, with a menu that will entice and cater for all palettes. Wednesday nights are ladies nights so get your gals together and head down! Beautiful setting in the heart of Surbiton, this place gets very busy so don’t forget to book early! {https://www.langleysrestaurant.co.uk}

Is your hair in need of some Love? Look no further than the wonderful Hair by Mitch. Michelle and her team are ready to make you fabulous whether it’s a total change you’re after or a glam event you need perfect hair for! The perfect pampering experience the team will make you feel relaxed and really listen to your needs. We LOVE our neighbours and cannot recommend them enough! {http://hairbymitch.com/}

Now that you’re full of ideas and inspiration for the evening, what about that day time? Well,  why not purchase a fun family session with us at Rock and Rose Photography?

We’d love to welcome you into our lovely warm and cosy studio. We love to capture all those cheeky natural moments and love to work with families to create unique and bespoke artwork for their homes. I’m sure there are many of you who have always wanted to come in to capture the memory of your family together having fun and now is the perfect opportunity to get organised and honour those New Year resolutions! Why not surprise your other half with a personalised session gift voucher and make those memories happen! There is also still time to have your little ones posing on our very adorable kissing booth and of course you can enjoy of all our props, fabrics and colourful backgrounds. After your photography session (or before) take a lovely walk to the River Thames and a little stroll to Bushy park, perfect place for the little ones to play and see the charming Deer and handsome Swans.

If you have any suggestions for us just comment below:)and would love to hear about your plans!

Lots of Love,

Emily, Orli and Cate xxx


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