A Very Merry Christmas!

With the year winding down, Christmas presents bought and nestled under the tree, I thought I would write a quick update for everyone on our amazing journeys. I am writing from a very lonely office as Orli has flown the nest to prepare for the imminent arrival of her beautiful baby girl. It has been strange without her here, definitely quieter (hehe)  and I would like to thank all of our fantastic customers for being so flexible and understanding while we have been a photographer down.

Orli wanted to capture her Bump outside and two weeks ago we enjoyed a beautiful crisp winter walk in Bushy Park where I captured some beautiful pregnancy photographs for her. I think you will all agree she looks glowing.

12314299_10153208933581560_3780948055991458183_oI promise to keep you all posted as soon as Rock and Rose have a new addition 🙂  I’m so excited!!!!

12322485_10153208933866560_7079677218643796808_oAs for me, where do I begin. The past 20 weeks have flown by. Yesterday I had the huge pleasure of seeing my baby again at my 20 week scan. I got to find out what we are having but my lips are sealed until Christmas day when we tell our families. I do promise to share the news with all of you too! It has everyone guessing!


 I filmed my baby kicking to some Christmas music this morning and feeling the first kicks and movement have been magical.  Shooting whilst pregnant is becoming a challenge but one that I enjoy! (apologies for being extra out of breath lately) My belly finally looks like I am growing a human rather than having over indulged on Holiday treats! So far pregnancy has been brilliant for me (excluding the period at the beginning where the mere thought of meat would make me want to puke) and fingers crossed it may continue! I have been documenting my pregnancy from 12 weeks so I will share one of those images with you, It is strange to be the other side of the camera but I have to say it’s a fantastic memory I know I will cherish, so those who are debating whether or not to have that pregnancy shoot I urge you to try it! I promise you won’t regret it.


Rock and Rose turned 4 this November and it has been a huge roller-coaster. With myself and Orli being pregnant it was a natural progression for us to grow as a company and in the New year we will be introducing a brand new bubbly photographer. Training shoots will be taking place in January so if you or anyone you know would like to help, and enjoy a complimentary session please do get in touch on: info@rockandrosephotography.co.uk. We will be looking for lots of different kinds of sessions from pregnancy to family and lots of ages in between.

Lastly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. It really is a dream to be able to come into the studio every day and do something we love so much and to still be able to start a family and know that you are all still supporting us every step of the way. I look forward to capturing lots of amazing moments again next year and also sharing with you some of our own. I urge everybody to hug their families extra tight this Christmas and enjoy every moment together, take lots of photographs and please have a very large glass of wine for me! Orli- i’m thinking of you! Tell that baby to be a little late so we can shoot after Christmas! 😉 x

Have a Very Merry Christmas

Cate -signing off for 2015! x

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